Heute heißt das wohl CD Ripper und Player

playcd stammt aus der Zeit, als die Kunst des digitalen Auslesens noch fast eine Geheimwissenschaft war. Es basiert auf dem hervorragenden play3401 von Carl Edman. Die Fehler sind dann wahrscheinlich von mir.

Zum Download playcd-1.4.N.s.tgz (ca. 28kb)

Aus der man-page:

     playcd [ -l ] [ -d n] [ -e ] [ -p ] [ -r ] [ -R ] [duration
     Playcd reads the digital audio samples from audio CDs
     through the SCSI bus and then plays them on the NeXT system
     itself.  Currently playcd only supports the Toshiba 3401 and
     NEC 3X and Sony CD-8003A (Apple CD 300) series of CD-ROM
     The audio CD should be inserted only after playcd has
     prompted the user for it.   Unless the -e option is given
     playcd will eject the CD again when it has completed play-
     If you wish to record a standard 16-bit stereo 44.1 kHz
     soundfile to the standard output specify the -r option.  By
     default playing of the sound is disabled while recording.
     Use -R option  to record raw data without writing the 28
     byte header.  If you wish to play and record use the -p
     option as well as the -r option.

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